Monday, June 20, 2011

The Realm of Fantasy Art

This is an art category that wanders into the surreal -- extra-terrestrial landscapes with sometimes vivid colors, whimsical realizations of timeless myths, and completely unique, dreamy interpretations of pure fantasy. It is a specialized category of the visual arts, promulgated by masters of the realm. There are many realms of the arts I admire, and this is no exception.

The combined power of digital photography and software such as Photoshop provide easy passage into this realm. This is one of those arenas that are easy to enter, but quite difficult to master. Many a photographer has pushed the boundaries of "normal" photography as a rite of passage in exploring the capabilities of editing software. Indeed, its almost unavoidable, since learning such powerful tools requires testing the extent of their control. It is during this process of exploration that a photographer comes to a definitive decision -- are they purely a photographer, or a "digital artist"?

The former is concerned with making the most of what the camera can capture. Photoshop is not verboten, but is used to enhance the power of the image which at core represents a decidedly "real" scene. A digital artist on the other hand is almost a painter using technology as a canvas, palette, and brush. Restrained only by their imagination, the digital artist transfers that which has already been conceived in their minds without limitation. Digital artistry does not come without penalty however. Where a photography-minded artist might set a scene and capture potentially hundreds of images, a digital artist's production is significantly more modest, perhaps a handful of images or less of a certain type or scene. It is painstaking work, crafted with care and precision.

Years ago, I decided to focus on being the best boudoir photographer I could be, leaving behind my attempts at digital art. My market generally prefers many beautiful images rather than a handful of highly processed works, but there does exist a certain fantasy-oriented clientele which desires and appreciates the surreal and elaborate. Recently a couple of clients requested fantasy type images which now fall outside my typical style. Doing anything outside your comfort zone can always add a bit of adrenalin and anxiety to your day, but I'm gratified to say that the results were stunningly beautiful. I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to expand my domain a bit, though I plan to stay well grounded in the realm of the traditional photography of feminine beauty.

Nevertheless, if a client has a desire for this sort of thing, clearly INFINI can deliver the goods.