Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Referral Program Announced!

We've finally formalized a definitive referral program. For years, we've cultivated a word of mouth presence in conjunction with our regular advertisements. Our clients have been so universally pleased with the results of their photoshoots that they've broadcast their satisfaction far and wide to all their friends and co-workers. We have of course been grateful to them for their referrals and now want to show that gratitude with an incentive plan.

What You Get

Now when you refer a friend to us and they book their own session, you both get an 8x10 of your favorite print! After three booking referrals you get a framed, matted 16x24 wall portrait ready to hang! An astounding $559 value! And ladies, after 10 referrals you reach our INFINI VIP Super Star status!

That entitles you to your own REPEAT SESSION with professional hairstyle & makeup AND a beautiful 10x10, 20 page album of your incredible photos, absolutely FREE, as a thank you for being our own INFINI Super Star! Altogether the referral rewards total over $1700 of value ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

The truth is, ladies, that subsequent sessions ALWAYS result in even better photos than the first session. The reason is that as an experienced pro, you know how we conduct our sessions. You know what to expect. You're familiar with the magical transformation that happens when the fans blow your hair just right, the fabric flutters in just the right way, the lights fire at just the right moment. You "get into the moment" rather than worry if you look silly or if the outfit is flattering on you. So a follow up session with the included album will result in artwork worthy of museum walls! A wonderful gift as a thank you from the INFINI team!

How it Works

Simply have your friend enter your name in the special instructions section of the booking form and its as simple as that!

When you shoot with INFINI, you become part of our INFINI team of beauty specialists, spreading our special brand of glamour far and wide!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Boudoir photography has been around for a very long time. Probably since the day someone put together a small box on a tripod with a sheet of film inside, they've been taking elegant photos of women. Not surprisingly, photographers who specialize in this arena can be found in just about every city and town.

So when you are looking for the right photographer for you and you see that the INFINI team conducts a roving national tour, traveling city to city providing boudoir photo services, the question might arise -- "Why INFINI"?

Well, there are three MAJOR, serious, no kidding, for realz, very important reasons!

Posing Guidance

ALL our clients come in nervous about their session for different reasons. A recent client admitted it wasn't running around in her underwear that made her nervous, it was whether she would be able to look sexy and pose right. And I was frankly surprised at that. "Thats the EASY part!", I said.

All women are beautiful and have a natural feminine sense to them, but lets face it, not all women are naturally lithe and physically sultry especially under the scrutiny of a lens. Hence you will often see in other photographer's portfolios shots of women that look awkward or uncomfortable.

That is a major difference to our approach. We don't just throw you in front of the lens and let you go to it. Fashion models might be comfortable with this photo session technique, but we don't shoot fashion models typically. We shoot every day housewives, girlfriends, and single ladies who just want to look pretty. And we guide them into poses that look natural and sensual for them. I'm not saying the poses ARE comfortable. In fact, our photo sessions give our clients an appreciation for the rigors of modeling. Its hard work! You probably will be sore the next day. Its been said that "modeling is pain" -- the poses look comfortable from that angle! That doesn't mean they are comfortable; they may be quite awkward and feel ridiculous. But rest assured, from the angle we are shooting, the shots are absolutely fantabulous!

Professional Hairstyle & Makeup

We know what a difference high quality makeup and hairstyle makes. Sure you're beautiful and yes you are comfortable as a natural girl, but so are Hollywood celebrities. Yet you don't see them wandering around the set or some high profile function like they just walked out of the shower, do you? Oh yes, sometimes you do. And we know what they really look like when their unfortunate candid snapshots are plastered all over the tabloids.

EVERYONE can benefit from professional hair and makeup. It makes a huge difference! A lot of photographers won't bother with it or will offer it as an option. Not the INFINI team. In fact, that's why we're a team. ALL our packages include hair and makeup. We think our photo sessions are a very special event in your life that you don't get to do very often. This is not a hair appointment you do every month, or a movie or restaurant outing. This is a boudoir photo session, and we want you to look your very best.

YOU Own the Photos!

Copyright can be a confusing concept, but it is a common practice for photographers to retain copyright to the images they shoot. This is why you see the photographer's brand on the prints you receive. It is essentially a notice to the salesperson at the local print shop that the image you want copied is copyrighted and cannot be legally reproduced.

At INFINI Boudoir, we give you full license and copyright to the images. You are free to do as you wish with them. Copy them, distribute them, SELL them. We are at odds with much of the industry. We don't care. You are the subject in the images and your rights, privacy, and discretion are part of what you are buying with our photo session.

In fact, we do brand our prints, but only because we want everyone to know where you got your fantastic photos. You get a disk of all the images in full resolution with the license release RIGHT ON YOUR DISK so you can make as many prints as you like. Print 'em big, print 'em small, print 'em all!

Book your session TODAY, you won't regret it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Redhead Speaks!

A number of people have asked who the redhead is that seems to recur on my website. Her photos are strewn about the INFINI gallery and now appears standing next to me in our "Contact Us" photo.

Well, her story is interesting and I've asked her to put it in her own words. So I introduce to you, Lisa Marie!

Deciding to have your pictures taken professionally can be nerve-wracking, whether it is a simple portrait headshot, or a full blown glamour boudoir session. Being involved in community theater much of my life, I was not new to headshots. Finding a photographer with the talent and skill to be able to capture a professional looking headshot, as well as glamorous boudoir pics led me to 2 months of research here in the Indianapolis area before I settled on contacting Dario.

Photography, much like all of the arts, has always been an interest of mine. Looking through the galleries on Dario’s website, I was immediately drawn into the stories he is able to tell through his work. As an actress, that speaks volumes to me. I don’t want to just look at a ‘picture of me’, I want to look at a photo, and be able to see the story the person and scenery tells. Dario’s work does just that. In every picture, he tells a story and leaves you wanting to see more.

So after consultation with Dario about what I was to bring, the shots I wanted, all the details, the day came. Dario and his makeup artist Kathy were pros at making me feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable right off the bat. I love to be pampered and I can honestly say I TOTALLY ate it up! We were able to go through various looks and Kathy did an amazing job making me look spectacular! As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later when I received my link to the images, I was blown away at what I was looking at. He had not only managed to capture me, but in every picture I saw the ‘story’ that I was so impressed with from his other work.

Because I am in marketing in my day job, and I still am very involved in theater, I do have a need to have recent pictures of myself. The choice to work with Dario again was a no brainer – when you find the best, you don’t want to let go of it!

Becoming Dario’s assistant was a humourous ‘happen-stance’…as we would shoot, I recall jokingly telling him he “needed an assistant” as I watched lights topple over (on accident) or while he changed the background paper (which is clearly a 2 person job!!), or running to the store because he needed batteries…because clearly, there were some jobs it was handy to have another set of hands for. I mentioned I also do freelance “admin” work for various business on the side – and if he ever needed help, let me know, he immediately asked if I had an interest in learning photography. Well, what I don’t know about photography, I more than make up in marketing, sales, and admin skills. I have been Dario’s assistant about 2 years now, and every shoot is fulfilling for all involved. Whether you are in front of the camera, or a ‘behind the scenes player’, like myself, working with Dario is a fulfilling experience.

Dario outshines others in his field with his level of professionalism, creativity, and respect for beauty. When you choose to work with Dario for your images, you are not just choosing “some guy with a camera” to shoot pictures. You are choosing a team of individuals who give 150% each and every time for YOU. And we love it.


To add a few thoughts of my own, I do find that clients are so amazed by our award winning imagery that they become part of our permanent fan base. Some have become friends, and on occasion like Lisa Marie, they join the team.

World domination is still a long ways off, but we're headed in the right direction.

~ Dario

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pink Ribbon Connection Breast Cancer Fundraising Calendar Released!

Months in the making, the Pink Ribbon Connection 2011 calendar has debuted at the Girls Night Out Health and Beauty expo with smashing success! The proceeds go toward helping the medically underserved because as Pink Ribbon Connection's mission proclaims -- no one should face breast cancer alone.

In the spirit of fighting this terrible disease, the INFINI team felt a calling to reach out to this community of fighters -- women who refused to give up, whose spirit remained resolute in the face of adversity, and who were handed undue burdens to bear. These courageous women have faced the double threat of facing life and death issues while at the same time grappling with their feminine identity as women.

At INFINI, we have recognized for some time the ability of our photography to affirm and uphold the essence of the female spirit. Our inspiring imagery is not only beautiful to behold, but has a deeply uplifting effect on our client's psyches. They come to us with an apprehensive sense of inadequacy and leave with an indescribable giddiness and joy.

It was at this realization that we conceived of the notion of this fundraising calendar with a similar double-pronged purpose: to raise funds to help this community of survivors, and to bring a psychological boost to their spirits. That their beauty and value as women transcends the physical body and triumphs over personal adversity. A woman is beautiful not because of societal definitions of ideal curves, but because of the essence of the feminine spirit and the universe of powerful qualities it encompasses.

And why did Pink Ribbon Connection accept INFINI as the photography team for this task? Because of our unique ability to capture that feminine spirit in all women, regardless of age or any other factors:

"Dario Infini is a master at capturing the beauty of women. He is able to work his magic and show us both the inner and outer beauty of these twelve survivors. The women in this calendar felt pampered and comfortable as they worked with Dario to get the perfect shot to fill these pages. Thank you to Dario Infini for his patience, sensitivity and deep appreciation for the female gender as a whole and these lovely “calendar girls”, in particular. Dario has a gift and we are so thankful he shared his amazing talent with Pink Ribbon Connection." - Dori Sparks-Unsworth, Executive Director, Pink Ribbon Connection

Our model-survivors varied in age from 38 to 79 years young! Their inspiring messages have been included with their photos with a common theme centered around faith and strength, creating an emotional and inspiring visual journey throughout the whole year. You can buy your own calendar on Pink Ribbon's website.

You too can be a part of this campaign by joining us in our support of this worthy organization. For every session over $500 booked in October 2010 we will donate 10% of the proceeds to Pink Ribbon Connection. Now you can feel good for supporting Pink Ribbon while feeling good about getting your own calendar-worthy photos! Book your session here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stop the Insanity and Take Better Photos!

Today, a post not about boudoir but about how to improve your own photos.

Like all technology, cameras have steadily improved in quality while dropping in price over the years. Today's point and shoot pocket cameras can pack 12 megapixels and higher and even detect blinking eyes and smiles! Their intelligence is truly amazing but they have yet to replace the human brain. That's why no matter how intelligent cameras get, there will always be a place for professional photographers like myself. Great photography is not a trivial matter and there are a lot of factors to juggle *simultaneously* while framing a great shot.

Easy Trick to Better Photos

There is one relatively simple trick towards getting better photos a lot of the time. I often see people taking photos with their SLR cameras, a nice modern piece of equipment. The light at the time is not the brightest, and I see the little pop-up flash on the camera come out. I watch the photographer look on the back of the camera and they work hard to hide their confusion and disappointment that the photo didnt come out nearly as well as they had hoped.

The reason is they assume the camera has enough brains to do the job -- they simply put the camera on auto and it should work. But the reality is that the camera makes some assumptions about how to take the shot which may well not be what you had in mind. The assumption they make is to take a good enough shot that you are unlikely to call customer service to complain about it. But a "good enough" shot more often than not does not make for a *good*, or artistic shot -- the kind of shot you hoped to get when you decided to shell out money for a higher grade camera.

So whats the secret sauce towards getting some good shots? Its called ISO.

ISO: Insanity Stopping Option

ISO refers to how sensitive the sensor in the camera is to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the camera, meaning it can more easily shoot in dark light settings, one of the more common environments to shoot in. It is a variable control -- you can set the ISO on most cameras.

So should you set the ISO high and leave it there and just keep things simple? Not necessarily. The trade off is that high ISO comes with a price -- the images are more noisy... "grainy". The camera does correctly set it low for most shots because it is trying to get the "cleanest" shots it can. But it chooses this strategy to a fault, opting to using the built in flash to add light when the scene is too dark instead of increasing sensitivity.

Why Does It Matter?

Well lets take a look at an example shot taken with and without flash.

Which shot is more appealing to you? Which feels like a more natural setting. Which feels like a more professional shot? Well presumably you agree that the shot on the left fits that description. It was taken without flash. The one on the right was taken with flash.

So if you agree that the left side shot is more appealing, lets take the two apart and analyze why it seems better. This is a lesson in observation. Observation and analysis is a powerful tool in the journey towards better photos. And it is always a journey. We never "arrive" at great photography, we are always on a journey towards better photography.

Click on the photos to get a full size version to compare the finer details. The first and most obvious issue with on board flash is the egregious shadows it tends to leave in the worst places. Take a look at the shadow of the floor lamp cast onto the background behind my assistant's head. You dont see that in the non-flash shot. It makes for a jagged, ugly distraction from a pretty lady.

The second issue is that lighting from on-camera flash is coming essentially from your head -- a very unnatural type of light unless you're a miner wearing one of those lit miner's helmets. In this case, it lights up my assistant's head and arm, removing the natural shading that would ordinarily have been there. Notice how it makes her head and arm seem wider, larger. On-camera flash is some of the most unflattering light you can have. It also causes very amateur, "snapshot" looking reflections on shiny surfaces like the floor lamp stand -- notice you dont see that in the left hand shot. The reflections you see there are natural looking -- it is obvious they are coming from the lamp light itself, not from your miner-helmet light.

The ISO Penalty

Now as I mentioned before, the use of high ISO in lieu of flash does not come without penalty. Do notice that the book's cover in the left shot is no longer visible. There is no light on that side of the room, therefore in the left side shot you cannot see the cover. If the shot *you* are taking has an important feature to be included such as the cover, then that is an issue to address. Perhaps another light of some sort needs to be applied just to the book cover.

Another issue is the grain/noise I mentioned earlier. Notice in the two samples below the photos which are crops of the wall in the background, the left side shot has a much more grainy appearance than the right side shot. This grain happens *everywhere* in the shot, not just on the wall. It is less noticeable in areas with more significant texture like my assistant's face, or the pillow she is leaning on, but it is there and it can be significant in extreme cases. Nevertheless, this is a tradeoff that for a majority of cases, is worth engaging. I would rather have a natural looking, grainy shot, than a clean, amateurish looking shot.

I'm Sold -- How Do I Set the Insanity Stopping Option?

Probably the easiest way to do this is to simply go into the menu or push the ISO button if you have it on your camera, and set the ISO to a higher number. The maximum ISO is different for every camera -- some only go as high as 400, some higher than 120,000. Remember that the higher you go, the grainier and noiser the resulting shots will be, so you want to pick a maximum ISO that is right for you and the camera -- one whose noise you can tolerate. You will have to experiment with your camera to figure out what number that is.

If the camera won't let you change the ISO, look for a "Program" mode on the camera. Program is like Auto, except the camera will allow you to change certain controls like the ISO. It still controls the majority of the functions of the camera and will essentially act like "Auto", but taking some direction from you like the ISO setting.

Finally, the shutter speed will likely be slow which *can* result in blurry photos. Blurry photos of course don't do anyone any good. When taking the photo, be sure to hold the camera very steady and minimize any motion when pressing the shutter. Don't move the camera AT ALL until the shot is done. If the shot still comes out blurry, the dark lighting conditions may simply exceed the ability of the camera to deal with and you may be stuck using the flash. But at least, this is an option of last resort, not the FIRST option like the camera wants to do.

These helpful tips should help you get better quality shots more often. Happy shooting!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its not just about photos, Its an EXPERIENCE!

Ladies, its time to revisit what the boudoir experience is all about.

The era has finally come when women have reached equity with men in just about every way. In fact, women now EARN more than men!

Congratulations, ladies. You've earned it. You now also recognize the struggles men have always faced, except you balance even MORE on your plate. Not only are you a competing and perhaps principal breadwinner of the family, you also wear the hat of wife, chef, mother, housekeeper, and wound-healer!

No wonder women treasure their getaway moments where they are soothed and pampered. Its hard being a modern woman. Full service salons are treasured, hallowed ground for good reason.

But our beauty conscious image saturated society does seem to play havoc with a woman's psyche. Have you ever had the nagging feeling you don't measure up? That while you're busy playing all the roles women have fought hard for, you are wondering if you are living up to the standards of beauty imposed on us by prime time TV and beauty magazines? Do you secretly worry about whether your guy's eyes hold the same fire for you as
they did when he first laid them on you?

That's a common experience for many women, leading to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

Ladies, its not that you don't measure up. Its that the images of glamour we are surrounded by are created by a crack team of beauty specialists. And your response might be, well *I* would look great too if I had that kind of team working on me. And you'd be absolutely right.

Thats why I put together my own crack team of beauty specialists and have created the INFINI Boudoir photography experience -- Hollywood glamour for ALL women. YOU can be a Hollywood starlet, or centerfold, or glamour magazine cover girl. You CAN.

And more importantly, you can feel great doing it. Our sessions start with no less than an hour of hair and make up primping by a staff that *loves* what they do -- making women look and feel beautiful. I love to look at my clients' shocked expressions when they see the result of that preparation. They have NEVER looked so beautiful, EVER. In fact, I too am always, always pleasantly surprised what my beauty team does with my clients. I love to see the final unveil right before we start shooting. Its an incredible experience for me, let alone for my clients.

Once we knock off a few shots and I show the client what they're looking like, they are again hit with a wave of delighted surprise. The lighting makes everything look different. Not until the lights and camera fire do they see what is actually being recorded. Its at that point that they slip into character, feeling beautiful and sexy and playing that part.

Ladies, sexy is about attitude. In the right lighting with the right wardrobe and make up, surrounded by a rich and lush environment, you become your own Marilyn Monroe -- the sexy girl within you is finally unleashed. For many of my clients it may well be the first time they've ever felt that way.

Here's a testimonial from two sisters who booked individual sessions:

Mary: I cannot express to you how much Denise NEEDED that photo session. She’s all giddy and cute about it.

Denise: What you captured are the most flattering images of myself that I’ve ever seen – and you can’t possibly imagine how magical and therapeutic this whole experience was. You are a master - a true genius - with your camera! Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE PHOTOS?!

Therapeutic? Yes. Because possibly for the first time, they have finally tapped into the inner reserve of what makes them feel like a woman. Sexy, provocative, indulgent, teasing, and desireable.

I do this for ALL women, no matter size, shape, age, or confidence. ALL women have the ability to capture that sense of style and glamour. Its just a matter of applying the INFINI recipe for stunning images formerly reserved only for Hollywood starlets.

Book your session today! You wont be disappointed. NONE of our clients ever have been.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A fundraising calendar, for the win!

The idea was hatched in one of those "Aha!" moments. In consideration of a client who was a survivor of breast cancer and in recognition of her incredible courage and vivaciousness, I thought wouldn't it be nice to give something back to the community.

This disease attacks not just a woman's body, but her very sense of self -- her identity as a woman, taking toll on her psyche as well as her physique. I have often marveled at what a therapeutic experience a boudoir photo session is for my customers. And it occurred to me that my special skill in bringing out the most feminine qualities in ANY woman, and making her feel beautiful and valued might be a special gift to a breast cancer survivor.

Finding a partner in the Pink Ribbon Connection organization which specializes in reaching out and providing resources to the medically underserved community, we set out to accomplish two things:

  • Lift the spirits of 12 beautiful women by capturing their enduring feminine radiance in special dedicated photosessions, and
  • Raise money for the organization's operations by using those images in a fund raising charity boudoir calendar.
We've had our first round of shoots so far, and the results were fabulous! One of our models commented after the shoot -

"I had a lot of fun doing the shots – playing model was exciting and I wish I could do it for a living!!" - Amy

Clearly one part of our mission has already been accomplished. We're shooting for a September release of the 2011 Red Ribbon Connection INFINI Boudoir Calendar and are hoping for a smashing success!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Art of Boudoir: Chicken Little, 50 times over!

The beauty of true art is founded in the visualization of what's to be. The artist must be inspired with a vision and then sets out to birth that vision to life. Interestingly, more often than not the artist's final creation may not live up to his expectations. Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by; other times the skill, talent, and resources to realize the vision is inadequate to the task.

And sometimes, you just have this goofy idea in your head that wants to burst out. It may not be a Picasso, but it can be fun and rewarding nonetheless.
I've had this "naked chicks" concept for years. A simple play on words and maximum cute factor. What's not to like?

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

And where do you get such chickens? And when? Remembering that birds are generally born in the spring delayed the project by a year due to the missed hatching season. That was after the year or two it took to figure out where to actually acquire them. Turns out Craigslist is the new ramshackle eBay, providing a no-fee flea market environment of local buyers and sellers. If you live in NYC, maybe you don't have a chicken farmer within reasonable driving distance. But without Craigslist, I would not have discovered the one living near me with a few chicks to sell... or upon further inquiry, rent.

Finding a couple of models willing to go through the indignity of being prodded by curious baby chickens was surprisingly easy -- both Olivia and Carrie were excited to shoot with them. In the process of getting the shots, the chicks even huddled around the models for warmth, like drawing to the mother hen. Made for a relatively odd and unique experience, I'm sure.

In the end, the INFINI team created two very cute, very funny posters. For Easter even.

We also documented some of the process in a little video so you can enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy Easter!
~ Dario INFINI

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can INFINI Make Me Beautiful?

I receive many inquiries from women who are captivated by the images they see in my boudoir gallery. It is a basic desire of the female psyche to be beautiful and those gallery images resonate with that desire. Many women then turn to themselves and feel great inadequacy. They want images like this but feel at pains to take them. They worry they wont measure up. That somehow we wouldnt manage great images for them. That somehow they will be the FIRST to disappoint us, and in turn, disappoint themselves.

My heart aches for these women. They fail to understand that ALL the women in my galleries have been shot at their maximum potential. None among us are perfect. Hollywood actresses are not my clientele. Instead, I bring Hollywood caliber service to ordinary housewives across the country.

I have enormous respect for those who gather their resolve and muster their courage to come in and put it on the line to have their photos taken. We endeavour to honor that courage with striking images that far exceed their expectations.

How do we do it? How do we manage an unbroken 100% customer satisfaction record?


You've heard it said that lighting is everything. Well, not quite everything, but a whole heck of a lot. Great photography is as much about what you dont see as much as what you do. Strategic lighting puts shadows where they need to be and highlights your best features. With the aid of well placed props, fabric, arms, hands, legs, etc, we can bring out the best in anyone.


Not every pose works for everyone. Body types are different and we dont bind ourselves to a specific set of shots and looks. No, we are a custom photography company. We choose poses that bring out the best in you. We guide you into scenarios that make you look natural and sensual.

Make up

We've all seen photos of celebrities caught without "their face on." We are shocked because these glamorous luminaries look like ordinary people and sometimes, worse! Professional make up and hairstyle makes a huge difference in how you look. We have the best staff in the industry, and provide this service with all our packages.


I think at this point we all understand that "cover girls" dont really look like that in real life. The camera is a cold instrument, capturing every stark detail. It doesn't have a heart; it doesn't have emotions. It doesn't admire feminine beauty the way a man does.

Retouching is basically a way to close the gap between what the camera sees and what the human eye sees. It's truly amazing how little "adjustment" it takes to subtly align our real bodies into something even more beautiful.

I've often said if I could do in real life what I do in photos, I'd be REALLY rolling in the money! All wrapped together, our little bag of secrets revealed result in testimonials like this:

"Dario, I just viewed all those pics. I am speechless. They made me weep. No one has ever... what can I say? I had no idea -- I -- could be -- captured -- that way. You captured everything about me, every single thing about me. Viewing each of those pics was like reading an biography. I had a great appreciation for your work before, certainly, but now I see its genius." -Mia

Can we make you beautiful? Oh, I certainly know we can.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Happens to My Photos??

One of the questions clients often ask is "what happens to my photos"? These aren't your every day family portraits. Where they end up matters, and in today's internet age, its a legitimate concern.

Perhaps the question is partly borne out on the question of where the samples in my gallery come from, or where the artwork I have for sale comes from. These are legitimate concerns and there is a lot of misunderstanding about these issues, even in the photography industry.

Be prepared to learn something about the law with respect to photographers and their subjects!

First, to put your mind at ease, privacy and security of customer photos are among my highest priority concerns. My reputation RELIES on how closely I safeguard my client's photos, and reputation is EVERYTHING in this industry. The images I produce belong exclusively to YOU, the customer.

Now to explain the nuances of how the industry works and the differences between photographers.

Copyright law gives the photographer ownership of the images s/he produces. Many if not most photographers retain this ownership following the business model established when film was the dominant technology. Thats why most of the time your parents had to buy prints from their wedding photographer. They could never legally make copies of their photos at a local photo shop to give friends and family -- they always had to buy them directly from the photographer. That's because s/he kept the film and only sold prints. It was a source of income for the photographer and they guarded it jealously. The law remains on their side in fact, and its a fair set of laws that protect artists of all kinds including those in the music industry.

While photographers in general own the rights to their images, they are actually restricted from using those images for any purpose without express permission from their subjects (except for specific arenas like journalism, etc). In order to use your images for promotional use, for marketing, as portfolio samples, or on a website, the person(s) in the photo must expressly give permission for these and any other purposes. Customers often sign forms when they are shooting or picking up prints, and it is possible that permission is hidden in the fine print .

I know of one photographer who frankly shocked me when she said she didnt care what their clients thought, she retained the full rights and posted the images as she pleased. What an incredible breach of trust! When you consider getting boudoir photos taken, it requires a lot of consideration and research, and a leap of faith that the person you select to take your photos can be trusted in every way. That they will do you justice in the final images, that they will treat you with respect and dignity, and that includes how they treat your images once they are created.

Why then are there customer images proudly displayed on my website gallery? How is it that the art I have for sale are in part from customer images? It is because every one of those customers have been approached for permission and given permission to use those images in that manner. Approached without obligation, and with respect, indicating that those images are very special. That they have value not just to the customer, but an objective value to ANY viewer because they are simply beautiful and artistic. And there is no pressure whatsoever; it is an open invitation to join the other spectacular images in the array. They retain the rights to those images, because I have released them completely. They are in effect, LOANING me the images with permission, but I no longer own them.

This is a significant difference to how many if not most photographers operate. Compare INFINI Boudoir to other photographers in the field; most retain their ownership of the images. This means you get monitor sized photos, not images you can legally print at any local shop. Nor would you want to as they would appear small and blurry or pixelated. We give you FULL SIZE images, and the full ownership rights. Many photographers will charge you exhorbitant prices for this type of licensing.

Why do we do this? Because we genuinely care about our customers. We care enough to create the highest quality images, to protect our customer's privacy by safeguarding their images, and to provide them with a great value for their money.

- Dario INFINI