Saturday, September 3, 2011

Prepping for Your Shoot

Many of our clients actually worry that they will disappoint us or be disappointed at the results of their shoot.  They worry that the people we feature in our sample gallery are super-beautiful photogenic specimens of the human race and they couldn't possibly measure up.

The concept of being photogenic (we refer to a person's "photogenocity") is a real one, but our job as professional photographers is to tease out the natural beauty in ALL our clients.  We always get results but there are things you can do to increase the total number of awesome shots.

Beauty Within, Beauty Without

We have always felt that...
being full of life is more important than being strikingly beautiful.  
If you come to INFINI for boudoir photos, its already clear that you are abundantly full of life.  And pulling that inside life from you is part of the photoshoot process.  It's a personality thing, an interaction thing, a relaxing and letting the inner person come out thing.  That's our job.

And your job is to practice a few things that will help us get better shots of you.  First, get a hold of a few Victoria's Secret catalogs and study the photos inside.  They are a wonderful illustration of classic and contemporary feminine allure.

Hair is Sexy

Hair is one of the defining qualities of feminine beauty.  Notice there's a lot of playing with hair in Victoria's Secret images.  It's sexy, guys love it.  When we shoot, we ask you to run your hands through your hair.  RUN them through -- we take action shots.  Its motion, its movement, its exciting, its capturing the right moment when it happens.  HOT!

Curves are Sexy

Its the sexy curvy girl look, and women know how to do it.  Just not always on command.  So here's how -- pop the hip out to the side and drop your shoulder on the same side as that hip.  Move your arms in the air like you just don't care.  But we do, cos we're getting fabulous shots!

Looking Away is Sexy

When you do that, it looks like you're doing your own thing.  When guys look at your photos, it says you're sexy in your own world.  It gives them a visceral thrill, like they're catching you from behind closed doors.  Sexy!

Looking at the Camera is Sexy

When you do it in a sexy way.  You're not just looking at the camera -- you're looking through the camera -- at your mate looking back at you.  You are communicating with your eyes and lips -- you're looking with intensity, with desire -- you're saying come get me.  You squint just ever so slightly, like you have a slight headache, LOL.  Part your lips slightly, like you're about to tell him off.  If you can, practice raising an eyebrow, maybe a slight smirk.  SEXY!

We've just given you some helpful hints to help you get the best shots possible from your session.  Put them to use!  We look forward to getting some super sexy shots of you, and we have the highest confidence that we'll do just that.


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