Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pink Ribbon Connection Breast Cancer Fundraising Calendar Released!

Months in the making, the Pink Ribbon Connection 2011 calendar has debuted at the Girls Night Out Health and Beauty expo with smashing success! The proceeds go toward helping the medically underserved because as Pink Ribbon Connection's mission proclaims -- no one should face breast cancer alone.

In the spirit of fighting this terrible disease, the INFINI team felt a calling to reach out to this community of fighters -- women who refused to give up, whose spirit remained resolute in the face of adversity, and who were handed undue burdens to bear. These courageous women have faced the double threat of facing life and death issues while at the same time grappling with their feminine identity as women.

At INFINI, we have recognized for some time the ability of our photography to affirm and uphold the essence of the female spirit. Our inspiring imagery is not only beautiful to behold, but has a deeply uplifting effect on our client's psyches. They come to us with an apprehensive sense of inadequacy and leave with an indescribable giddiness and joy.

It was at this realization that we conceived of the notion of this fundraising calendar with a similar double-pronged purpose: to raise funds to help this community of survivors, and to bring a psychological boost to their spirits. That their beauty and value as women transcends the physical body and triumphs over personal adversity. A woman is beautiful not because of societal definitions of ideal curves, but because of the essence of the feminine spirit and the universe of powerful qualities it encompasses.

And why did Pink Ribbon Connection accept INFINI as the photography team for this task? Because of our unique ability to capture that feminine spirit in all women, regardless of age or any other factors:

"Dario Infini is a master at capturing the beauty of women. He is able to work his magic and show us both the inner and outer beauty of these twelve survivors. The women in this calendar felt pampered and comfortable as they worked with Dario to get the perfect shot to fill these pages. Thank you to Dario Infini for his patience, sensitivity and deep appreciation for the female gender as a whole and these lovely “calendar girls”, in particular. Dario has a gift and we are so thankful he shared his amazing talent with Pink Ribbon Connection." - Dori Sparks-Unsworth, Executive Director, Pink Ribbon Connection

Our model-survivors varied in age from 38 to 79 years young! Their inspiring messages have been included with their photos with a common theme centered around faith and strength, creating an emotional and inspiring visual journey throughout the whole year. You can buy your own calendar on Pink Ribbon's website.

You too can be a part of this campaign by joining us in our support of this worthy organization. For every session over $500 booked in October 2010 we will donate 10% of the proceeds to Pink Ribbon Connection. Now you can feel good for supporting Pink Ribbon while feeling good about getting your own calendar-worthy photos! Book your session here.

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