Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Redhead Speaks!

A number of people have asked who the redhead is that seems to recur on my website. Her photos are strewn about the INFINI gallery and now appears standing next to me in our "Contact Us" photo.

Well, her story is interesting and I've asked her to put it in her own words. So I introduce to you, Lisa Marie!

Deciding to have your pictures taken professionally can be nerve-wracking, whether it is a simple portrait headshot, or a full blown glamour boudoir session. Being involved in community theater much of my life, I was not new to headshots. Finding a photographer with the talent and skill to be able to capture a professional looking headshot, as well as glamorous boudoir pics led me to 2 months of research here in the Indianapolis area before I settled on contacting Dario.

Photography, much like all of the arts, has always been an interest of mine. Looking through the galleries on Dario’s website, I was immediately drawn into the stories he is able to tell through his work. As an actress, that speaks volumes to me. I don’t want to just look at a ‘picture of me’, I want to look at a photo, and be able to see the story the person and scenery tells. Dario’s work does just that. In every picture, he tells a story and leaves you wanting to see more.

So after consultation with Dario about what I was to bring, the shots I wanted, all the details, the day came. Dario and his makeup artist Kathy were pros at making me feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable right off the bat. I love to be pampered and I can honestly say I TOTALLY ate it up! We were able to go through various looks and Kathy did an amazing job making me look spectacular! As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later when I received my link to the images, I was blown away at what I was looking at. He had not only managed to capture me, but in every picture I saw the ‘story’ that I was so impressed with from his other work.

Because I am in marketing in my day job, and I still am very involved in theater, I do have a need to have recent pictures of myself. The choice to work with Dario again was a no brainer – when you find the best, you don’t want to let go of it!

Becoming Dario’s assistant was a humourous ‘happen-stance’…as we would shoot, I recall jokingly telling him he “needed an assistant” as I watched lights topple over (on accident) or while he changed the background paper (which is clearly a 2 person job!!), or running to the store because he needed batteries…because clearly, there were some jobs it was handy to have another set of hands for. I mentioned I also do freelance “admin” work for various business on the side – and if he ever needed help, let me know, he immediately asked if I had an interest in learning photography. Well, what I don’t know about photography, I more than make up in marketing, sales, and admin skills. I have been Dario’s assistant about 2 years now, and every shoot is fulfilling for all involved. Whether you are in front of the camera, or a ‘behind the scenes player’, like myself, working with Dario is a fulfilling experience.

Dario outshines others in his field with his level of professionalism, creativity, and respect for beauty. When you choose to work with Dario for your images, you are not just choosing “some guy with a camera” to shoot pictures. You are choosing a team of individuals who give 150% each and every time for YOU. And we love it.


To add a few thoughts of my own, I do find that clients are so amazed by our award winning imagery that they become part of our permanent fan base. Some have become friends, and on occasion like Lisa Marie, they join the team.

World domination is still a long ways off, but we're headed in the right direction.

~ Dario

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