Monday, October 25, 2010


Boudoir photography has been around for a very long time. Probably since the day someone put together a small box on a tripod with a sheet of film inside, they've been taking elegant photos of women. Not surprisingly, photographers who specialize in this arena can be found in just about every city and town.

So when you are looking for the right photographer for you and you see that the INFINI team conducts a roving national tour, traveling city to city providing boudoir photo services, the question might arise -- "Why INFINI"?

Well, there are three MAJOR, serious, no kidding, for realz, very important reasons!

Posing Guidance

ALL our clients come in nervous about their session for different reasons. A recent client admitted it wasn't running around in her underwear that made her nervous, it was whether she would be able to look sexy and pose right. And I was frankly surprised at that. "Thats the EASY part!", I said.

All women are beautiful and have a natural feminine sense to them, but lets face it, not all women are naturally lithe and physically sultry especially under the scrutiny of a lens. Hence you will often see in other photographer's portfolios shots of women that look awkward or uncomfortable.

That is a major difference to our approach. We don't just throw you in front of the lens and let you go to it. Fashion models might be comfortable with this photo session technique, but we don't shoot fashion models typically. We shoot every day housewives, girlfriends, and single ladies who just want to look pretty. And we guide them into poses that look natural and sensual for them. I'm not saying the poses ARE comfortable. In fact, our photo sessions give our clients an appreciation for the rigors of modeling. Its hard work! You probably will be sore the next day. Its been said that "modeling is pain" -- the poses look comfortable from that angle! That doesn't mean they are comfortable; they may be quite awkward and feel ridiculous. But rest assured, from the angle we are shooting, the shots are absolutely fantabulous!

Professional Hairstyle & Makeup

We know what a difference high quality makeup and hairstyle makes. Sure you're beautiful and yes you are comfortable as a natural girl, but so are Hollywood celebrities. Yet you don't see them wandering around the set or some high profile function like they just walked out of the shower, do you? Oh yes, sometimes you do. And we know what they really look like when their unfortunate candid snapshots are plastered all over the tabloids.

EVERYONE can benefit from professional hair and makeup. It makes a huge difference! A lot of photographers won't bother with it or will offer it as an option. Not the INFINI team. In fact, that's why we're a team. ALL our packages include hair and makeup. We think our photo sessions are a very special event in your life that you don't get to do very often. This is not a hair appointment you do every month, or a movie or restaurant outing. This is a boudoir photo session, and we want you to look your very best.

YOU Own the Photos!

Copyright can be a confusing concept, but it is a common practice for photographers to retain copyright to the images they shoot. This is why you see the photographer's brand on the prints you receive. It is essentially a notice to the salesperson at the local print shop that the image you want copied is copyrighted and cannot be legally reproduced.

At INFINI Boudoir, we give you full license and copyright to the images. You are free to do as you wish with them. Copy them, distribute them, SELL them. We are at odds with much of the industry. We don't care. You are the subject in the images and your rights, privacy, and discretion are part of what you are buying with our photo session.

In fact, we do brand our prints, but only because we want everyone to know where you got your fantastic photos. You get a disk of all the images in full resolution with the license release RIGHT ON YOUR DISK so you can make as many prints as you like. Print 'em big, print 'em small, print 'em all!

Book your session TODAY, you won't regret it!

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