Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Referral Program Announced!

We've finally formalized a definitive referral program. For years, we've cultivated a word of mouth presence in conjunction with our regular advertisements. Our clients have been so universally pleased with the results of their photoshoots that they've broadcast their satisfaction far and wide to all their friends and co-workers. We have of course been grateful to them for their referrals and now want to show that gratitude with an incentive plan.

What You Get

Now when you refer a friend to us and they book their own session, you both get an 8x10 of your favorite print! After three booking referrals you get a framed, matted 16x24 wall portrait ready to hang! An astounding $559 value! And ladies, after 10 referrals you reach our INFINI VIP Super Star status!

That entitles you to your own REPEAT SESSION with professional hairstyle & makeup AND a beautiful 10x10, 20 page album of your incredible photos, absolutely FREE, as a thank you for being our own INFINI Super Star! Altogether the referral rewards total over $1700 of value ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

The truth is, ladies, that subsequent sessions ALWAYS result in even better photos than the first session. The reason is that as an experienced pro, you know how we conduct our sessions. You know what to expect. You're familiar with the magical transformation that happens when the fans blow your hair just right, the fabric flutters in just the right way, the lights fire at just the right moment. You "get into the moment" rather than worry if you look silly or if the outfit is flattering on you. So a follow up session with the included album will result in artwork worthy of museum walls! A wonderful gift as a thank you from the INFINI team!

How it Works

Simply have your friend enter your name in the special instructions section of the booking form and its as simple as that!

When you shoot with INFINI, you become part of our INFINI team of beauty specialists, spreading our special brand of glamour far and wide!

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