Monday, January 3, 2011

The *ART* of INFINI Boudoir

We've decided to create a new type of package catering to those clients who are more artistically minded. The reality is that there are many different ways to shoot the female form. Boudoir is a category with multiple sub-categories -- things like Victoria's Secret style glamour, pin-up, Playboy, etc. But the artistic realm is a different direction. Its intent is less oriented towards the provocative and sexy, and more towards the classics.

Focusing on form, substance, and story telling, such creations require some thought and collaboration with the client. We become less interested in lots of sexy shots, instead focusing on a small number of "concepts". Each concept is pre-conceived and developed with story elements. Considerations include the client's body type, incorporation of the client's interests and preferences, and constructing the "scene". Sometimes this means selecting a suitable location that provides the correct ambiance for the concept. Other times, the scene is more abstract and can be effectively constructed in the studio.

Photographic art is something that can hang on a wall and be objectively admired and appreciated by many viewers. It stands the test of time. Achieving this requires some painstaking effort. Many shots are taken with small adjustments along the way to adjust and perfect the various elements in the shot. Each shot is an improvement towards a final image where all the elements finally come together in harmony. Having captured that piece, we move on to the next concept. In practice, 2-5 concepts are about all that can be achieved for the normal working duration of a session. Beyond that someone starts to get giddy and the intensity and productivity of the process wanes.

Your take away is a fraction of shots from our regular INFINI boudoir sessions which can number 150 or more beautiful images. But each of the handful of artistic images will be a masterpiece in its own right, admired by multiple generations, family, and friends alike. And included with the Sanders package is a 16x24 canvas print ready to make a bold statement on your wall. Fabulous!

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